Annual Recognition Event at the Soda Center

Las Aguilas de Diablo will offer scholarships for college financial aid. These awards are based on leadership, community participation, academic achievement and financial need. Next applications are due on November 15, 2023, and will announced by January 15, 2024, and at the Spring 2024 Recognition Event and if you have applied for a scholarship, we request you attend this event.

The youth attire for the evening will be full scout uniform. If that is not possible, a coat and tie are appropriate.

This year’s speaker is Dr. Mary Beth Wilhelm. Dr. Wilhelm is a research scientist at the NASA Ames Research Center. She received her bachelor’s degree at Cornell in Earth & Planetary Science and her Ph.D. in 2017 at Georgia Tech in Planetary Science. Her current research focuses on the preservation, distribution and detectability of organics and biomarkers. She has done field work in some of the driest areas on Earth, including the Atacama Desert in Chile and in Antarctica. Her main focus currently is as a science team collaborator on the Mars Science Laboratory Sample Analysis to aid in interpretation of Rover data from Mars. She is also involved in developing life detection instruments with a goal to determining whether there is any life on Mars or on any other planet in our Solar System.

Scouting Social Event

Las Aguilas de Diablo is an organization of older Eagle scouts who, since 1987, have annually recognized new Eagles, Quartermasters and Summit Award recipients in the Golden Gate Area Council at an annual event held each spring in central Contra Costa County. In 2017, the guest speaker at the event was Joe Starkey, voice of the University of California Golden Bears and former broadcaster for the San Francisco 49ers. In 2018, Daniel Clark, a technical director at Pixar in Emeryville and an Eagle, did an entertaining presentation featuring the movies “Coco” and “Incredibles 2.” In 2019, Colin Braudrick, Manager of Global Workplace Security for Walt Disney Company, did an entertaining and informative presentation that included Disney videos.

2016 Dinner Speaker

2018 Dinner Gallery

Las Aguilas de Diablo hosts annual recognition events, which are free to all new Eagles, Quartermasters and Summit Award recipients in the Golden Gate Area Council. Efforts are made to match sponsors with scouts in the area of each scout’s interest. Sponsors include not only members of Las Aguilas de Diablo but also any adult who has an interest in connecting with the top youth in Scouting.


In order to join Las Aguilas de Diablo or to enroll as a sponsor, please visit our membership page. Because of the recent expansion and merger of Mt. Diablo Silverado Council into the new Golden Gate Area Council, Las Aguilas de Diablo is in need of new members who are Eagles in order to make sure this important Recognition Event will continue in the future. If you are an Eagle, Quartermaster, Summit Award recipient or recipient of an equivalent award from another country’s scout program but not a member of Las Aguilas de Diablo, please join us through our website.

Sponsors may also enroll on this site or by mail. Annual membership dues are $250 ($150 if 35 or younger) and after a ten year membership you will be eligible for the James E. West Award since $100 of the $250 annual membership goes to support the Golden Gate Area Council Endowment Fund. The balance of your contribution covers the cost of a dinner for you and a scout (about $100) and for scholarships and administrative expenses (about $50). Your contribution is tax-deductible.

Please join us and please make a contribution to help us continue this effort.