Honor the Legacy

Leadership in Scouting

Las Aguilas de Diablo has been in continuous service since 1988. The dinner has recognized generations of scouts. 

Timothy S. Robinson, Las Aguilas de Diablo Scholarship Recipient, 1995

"I just want to take a brief moment on this Sunday night to thank you - and everyone else involved - for this award. I know I sent a letter twenty years ago, I figured an update might be a nice gesture.

I graduated from UC Santa Barbara in 2000 and found myself teaching my favorite pastime: the Olympic sport of fencing. I have been teaching and coaching for years, and also run a small club in Santa Barbara. I also work in the Computer Science Department at UCSB. I believe I have accomplished a lot in my time and ... thank the financial assistance that helped get me there.

Please know that your charitable efforts have paid off for at least one young boy. "